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Your dues fund the security patrol of off-duty officers. The more members we have, the more patrol time we can purchase.  Thanks!

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Annual Neighborhood Meeting
The Annual Neighborhood Meeting was a success!
Neighbors and community leaders alike converged on the Rec Center for the Garden Hills Annual Neighborhood meeting on March 31st.  Special thanks to City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, City Council Representative Howard Shook, and Zone 2 Police Commander Major Van Hobbs for their updates.
As attendees sipped prosecco, outgoing Civic Association President Chris Sanders led a discussion of key themes that will inform the next slate of neighborhood improvement initiatives. The evening culminated with Civic Association elections and a new slate of officers for 2015-2016.
President: Bobby Wolf; Vice President: Mark Schmid;Treasurer: Wyatt Engwall; Secretary: Linda Bruner

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