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Did you know?
Your dues fund the security patrol off-duty officers and the FLOCK security cameras.  The more members we have, the more hours & cameras we can purchase.  
Thanks for your support!

Suggestion Box
Let us know what you think would improve Garden Hills! 
Ideas should include at least one of the following improvement elements:  Safety; Structural; Beautification; Green Space; Environmental; Community Building.

Upcoming Events
GHCA Annual Meeting (Zoom)
Monday, March 22nd, 7:00 p.m.

Please support our wonderful neighborhood by joining or renewing your membership with the Garden Hills Civic Association. Your membership will enable the following: 
Security Patrol:  Your dues fund the security patrol of off duty Atlanta Police Officers. Members receive a security patrol decal affixed to their mailbox and can have their home checked while away.  
Security Cameras:  Your dues also fund 20 cameras to add another layer of security.  These cameras do not come cheap – this is why we need your support by joining the GHCA.
Zoning:  We maintain protective covenants on several properties in the neighborhood and take an active role in zoning related activities that impact Garden Hills. 
Community Events:  We organize the Pancake Breakfast, tree plantings, neighborhood meetings, park clean-ups, and more! Please help us expand this list.
Communications:  We publish an annual Directory distributed to all members and we publish a monthly  e-newsletter with information exclusively for GHCA members.
Visioning: We collect your ideas and use them as input to a collaborative process resulting in approved concepts and standards to implement throughout Garden Hills.  The Pine Tree streetscape is a result of these endeavors!
Thank you for your support and for helping to ensure Garden Hills remains a great place to live, work, and play!
Charles Meriwether, GHCA Membership Chair
Clay Dixon, GHCA President

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