State of GA's effort to update floodplain maps will impact Buckhead residents
Posted on Nov 15th, 2011

The following message was distributed by Howard Shook.
Please be aware that the State of Georgia is updating the official floodplain maps.  The new data will result in hundreds of Buckhead properties suddenly either being inside or outside of the current floodplain boundaries as currently drawn.  If you own such a property, you may face either the addition or subtraction of building restrictions and insurance requirements.  By going to you can see if your property is affected.

In order to facilitate dialogue and assistance, Atlanta’s Dept of Watershed Management will host a community meeting on Nov. 30 at the Peachtree Hills Recreation Center located at 308 Peachtree Hills Ave - 7:30PM.  There will be engineers, insurance specialists, etc present to answer your questions. 

Please note: while the City is anxious to help disseminate information, THIS IS NOT AN ATLANTA INITIATIVE.  Your questions and issues will be handled by the State, which is managing this process.  My office will provide assistance as needed to direct impacted property owners to the appropriate state official. 

Howard Shook